Terms of Use


The Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy (hereinafter Y.N.A.N.P.) offers its websites for use under the following terms of use, which the visitor/ user of the websites is invited to study and proceed to visit/use the websites/applications of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy only if it fully accepts them. In case the visitor /user does not agree with the terms of use of this, he must not use the services and the content of the websites.

These terms of use may be reviewed and updated at any time without notice. Visitors / users are kindly requested to check the terms of use at regular intervals as the use of the websites implies their acceptance.

Limitation of liability of Y.NA.N.P. - Disclaimer

Y.NA.N.P. takes all necessary measures to ensure the proper functioning of the websites. However, Y.NA.N.P. is not responsible for any negative consequences or damage that the user of the websites may suffer from its use or inability to use it, from delays in its use, from errors or omissions in it, from interruptions of the telephone line, mains failures or for other reasons.

The information presented on the websites of Y.NA.N.P. is republished after consultation with the competent Directorates of the Ministry. Y.NA.N.P. takes all necessary measures to ensure the accuracy of the information published on the websites it manages. However, Y.N.AN.P., under any circumstances, including the case of negligence, is not responsible for any kind of damage suffered by the visitor / user of the pages, services, options and contents of the websites which he proceeds on his own initiative and with knowledge of these terms. Also, Y.NA.N.P. does not guarantee that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruption, without errors, that errors will be corrected or that all questions asked will be answered. Y.NA.N.P. is not responsible for the availability, content, privacy policy, quality of services of other websites to which the user has access through its own portal (through links) as well as any damage from their use. The cost of any corrections or services is borne by the visitor / user and in no case by Y.NA.N.P.

Use of links to third party websites (links)

The Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy provides the possibility of accessing third party websites through appropriate links. These links have been placed solely for the convenience of visitors / users, while the websites to which they refer are subject to the respective terms of use of these websites. The placement of the links is not an indication and should not be construed as approval, adoption or acceptance of the content of the respective websites by the webmaster of Y.N.A.N.P., who bears no responsibility for their content or privacy practices or the accuracy of the materials contained in them. If the visitor / user decides to use, through its links, one of the third party websites, he accepts that he does so at his own risk.

Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright)

All the original content of the Websites of Y.NA.N.P., except for the explicitly mentioned exceptions (copyrights of third parties), which - by way of example - includes texts, graphics, images, photos, drawings, videos, sounds, etc. (hereinafter Content) is the intellectual property of Y.NA.N.P. and is protected by applicable national, Community and international law.

Y.NA.N.P. retains all copyrights regarding the content and the copies created based on it.

The content of the websites is freely available to their visitors / users provided that in case of reproduction and further use of the Content, it will not undergo any modification or alteration and will be accompanied by a clear and distinct reference to its source. The content is subject to change without notice at the discretion of Y.NA.N.P. Any other use requires the express written permission of the copyright owner or proprietor.

The other products or services that are mentioned in the electronic pages of the websites of Y.NA.N.P. and bear the marks of the respective organizations, partner bodies, associations or supervised bodies, constitute their own intellectual and industrial property and therefore these bodies bear the relevant responsibility.

Criminal / Civil Liability - General Provisions

The user who wishes to use the electronic services of the websites of Y.NA.N.P. is responsible for any submission of a statement or data made using his personal codes. This liability exists even if the user decides, of his own free choice, to disclose his personal codes to a third party (accountant, etc.) who uses an online service on his behalf.

The user who wishes to use the electronic services Υ.ΝΑ.Ν.Π. must provide true, accurate, valid and complete information about the information submitted. All information provided by the user is not used for any purpose other than that described by the specific website / online service and the corresponding legislation. The accuracy of the data submitted by the user is his responsibility and any damage (direct or indirect, positive or negative) resulting from the submission of inaccurate data is borne by the user and in no case the LS-ELAKT.

Users / visitors are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the websites of Y.NA.N.P., including the following:

(a) gain access to information not intended for that user / visitor or access to a host or account where they do not have access;

(b) attempt to examine or verify the vulnerability of a system or network or to violate security or authenticity measures without prior authorization;

(c) attempt to intervene using means such as the introduction of a virus on the Website, congestion, spam, mail bombardment;

(d) send unsolicited emails, including promotions and / or advertisements of products and services; or

(e) falsify the TCP / IP address path or part of the path information in any e-mail or newsgroup promotion.

Violations of system or network security may result in civil or criminal liability. Y.NA.N.P. will investigate the incidents, which may relate to such violations and may, with the cooperation of the competent law enforcement authorities, lead to the prosecution of the offenders.

Applicable law and other terms

The above terms and conditions of use of the websites of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, as well as any modification thereof, are governed and supplemented by Greek law, the law of the European Union and the relevant international treaties. This constitutes the entire agreement between the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy and the user / visitor of its websites and services and binds only them. No modification of these terms of use is considered and is not part of this agreement unless expressed in writing and incorporated into these terms of use. Unless otherwise stated on this website, the above terms of use are immediately effective in their entirety. For any communication with the administrator of the websites of Y.NA.N.P. please send an email to contact@yna.gov.gr

Processing of personal data

Please refer to the relevant section for information regarding the processing of your data by Y.NA.N.P.