General Policing-Traffic


The exercise of the general police force includes in particular:

  1. maintaining order in public places
  2. monitoring the application of market provisions
  3. the control of the implementation of the fisheries legislation as well as the operation of the Fisheries Monitoring Center
  4. the regulation, monitoring and control of marine leisure activities
  5. controlling the operation of public centers and shops
  6. drawing up general and specific port regulations and taking the necessary measures to control their implementation
  7. the implementation of emergency or other serious measures and the co-operation, for this purpose, with other relevant bodies, authorities and services
  8. the control of the application of the current legislation for the lifting, neutralization and removal of shipwrecks, harmful objects as well as abandoned ships and boats which are in Greek territorial waters
  9. the control of the legality of the activity of professional ports, in works that mainly concern cables, towing, boating, loading and unloading of ships, dock works and ship agencies
  10. the implementation of provisions concerning policing in the areas of responsibility of the Hellenic Coast Guard

The exercise of the traffic police includes in particular:

  1. the regulation of pedestrian and vehicle traffic
  2. ensuring the implementation of traffic and safety rules
  3. the investigation of road accidents