Inspection / Control of Ships / Companies and Organizations, Ship Security and Port Facilities


The mission of the Coast Guard - Hellenic Coast Guard also includes the inspection / control of ships / companies and organizations, ship security and port facilities, in particular:

  • the control and approval of plans - studies of ships under the Greek flag, the conduct of inspections and controls on them and the issuance of the required government certificates on maritime safety and pollution prevention
  • the control of the safety management of companies and ships under the Greek flag (ISM)
  • the control of the management of the security of ships, ports and port facilities by illegal actions (ISPS)
  • the control of the Registrars in the context of the activities of control of ships under Greek flag, which fall within the scope of their authorization,
  • monitoring international and EU legislation on the design, construction, equipment and systems of ships in the areas of maritime safety and pollution prevention, ship safety management and implementation of international conventions and decisions of international bodies, the preparation and completion of the relevant national legislation as well as the provision of relevant instructions