Safety of navigation

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The organization, safeguarding and monitoring of the implementation of safe navigation conditions includes in particular:

  1. the taking of measures for the control of the ships in Greek ports regardless of flag and their crews (port and flag state control) as well as of the ships under Greek flag and their crews in ports abroad where Maritime Chairs Headquarters operate (flag state), in order to verify their compliance with applicable domestic and international legislation on airworthiness, maritime safety, protection of the marine environment, safety, safe management and implementation of international conventions and agreements relating to maritime work and in particular proof of maritime competence, legal composition of ships, working conditions and conditions
  2. taking measures to monitor and control maritime traffic and its management
  3. the collection of data and information and the taking of measures to prevent collisions at sea, the investigation of maritime accidents and the general control of the application of the terms of safe navigation as well as the monitoring of international developments in matters of legislation
  4. the care for the organization, operation, improvement, expansion and use of the telecommunication infrastructures and electronic systems for the execution of the mission of the Coast Guard - Hellenic Coast Guard
  5. the management of events that take place in the sea areas of the local jurisdiction and area of ​​responsibility of the Coast Guard - Hellenic Coast Guard
  6. the issuance of naval safety instructions
  7. monitoring international developments in all of the above issues