Control of fishing activities




Fishing is one of the earliest human activities. It is an important part of the Greek economy and especially for the islands that depend heavily on this activity.

Fishing includes both recreational and professional activities. Due to the uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources the fisheries sector frequently struggles with difficulties. In order for these challenges to be dealt with strict measures have been adopted to protect fisheries at national, European and international level. The Hellenic Coast Guard monitors and enforces compliance with fisheries legislation in its area of ​​jurisdiction by carrying out inspections on fishing vessels, vehicles transporting fishery products and points of sale / organized installations of fishery products (fish auctions).

The fisheries monitoring center (FMC) operates 24 hours per day and it is based at the Fisheries Control Directorate/Department of Fishing Control Applications & Fishing Vessels Monitoring.

Its task is the monitoring, control and surveillance of vessels equipped with vessel monitoring system (VMS).

The FMC, inter alia, carries out controls to detect and prevent illegal fishing activities and if necessary may engage operational means of the regional Port Authorities»