Protection of the marine environment

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The preservation and protection of the natural environment is an issue that seriously concerns all the people and Governments of the planet. In particular, the pollution of the liquid element, caused by the human factor, is a great danger for our planet. Greece, a predominantly maritime country, with 16,000 kilometers of coastline and about 3,000 scattered islands and islets, has been sensitized for many years and is fighting its own battle against marine pollution. But Greek citizens, especially those who live and work at sea, are well aware of the importance of its protection for the future and prosperity of this country.

For Greece and the Aegean Sea in particular, with the many sea routes with particularly dense passage of ships, the large number of islands, the unique natural beauties, the invaluable cultural heritage and the great tourist interests, the effective protection of the marine environment is a goal of high priority. .

In Greece, the care for the protection of the environment in accordance with the provisions of article 24 of the Constitution, is a fundamental obligation of the State.

In the context of the above Constitutional requirement, the responsibility for the prevention and protection of the marine environment has been assigned primarily to the Directorate of Marine Environment Protection of the Hellenic Coast Guard, which is aware of the above conditions and considering the protection of the sea and coastline is not only the responsibility of modern man directly related to the quality of life and economic development in general, but an essential condition for the smooth living and development of future generations, takes all necessary preventive and repressive measures for the most complete and effective addressing marine environmental protection issues.