Ships’ Design and Construction Directorate


Ships’ Design and Construction Directorate is the competent Authority for:

(i) the approval of the plans, studies and other elements of ships flying the Greek flag and for which statutory inspection and certification services are provided by the Ships’ Inspection General Directorate,

(ii) the tonnage measurement,

(iii) the conduction of the initial surveys, and of those related to conversions, the respective inspections and certification related to the construction, installations, equipment, and ships’ systems, pertaining to the maritime safety and pollution prevention,

(iv) the monitoring of ships’ new buildings, and conversions carried out in Greece,

(v) the monitoring of the relevant international and EU legislation,

(vi) the development of vessels’ technical rules and regulations,

(vii) the provision of clarifications on the implementation of the applicable legislation for the design, construction and equipment of Greek flagged vessels.

These competencies are carried out through the following Units:

a) Unit for the Construction, Stability and Accommodation

b) Unit for the Mechanical and Electrical Installations

c) Unit for the Pollution Prevention and Cargoes

d) Unit for the Coordination and Technical Regulations